Todd Simon

Simple Simon Consulting:
• Web Development
• Twilio SMS/WhatsApp Development
• Illustration/Animation
Grand Junction, Colorado.

My Skills

My Skills & Experience.


This website is built in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and hosted in an Amazon S3 Bucket instead of a traditional webserver so Pay-as-you-go so no monthly fees.


I have JavaScript skills to be able and build Plugins for WordPress along with enhancing Twilio SMS/WhatsApp/Phone and IVR systems.


I have a background in drawing digital art using Corel Painter, Adobe Photoshop along with traditional forms like Pastel, Air Brush and Watercolor.


I had a WordPress development company for about 4 years specializing in Divi development and building WordPress plugins in JavaScript.

Twilio SMS, Phone & IVR

My main work has been developing SMS/WhatsApp notification systems along with Phone routing systems using Twilio.


With my illustrator background, I am able to draw digitally and do various animations and whiteboard illustrations.


I have developed on Amazon's Web Service platform with Connect (IVR), Lex bots, S3 serverless websites, Lightsail/EC2 (web hosting platform), and Lambda.


I developed an SMS/WhatsApp notification system in PHP and Twilio for a large electric company in the Bahamas.

Seo/Google My Business

I have helped many local companies websites get found in Google along with Keyword research and ranking for terms.

About Todd.

Over the years I have made sure that I was on top of the latest technology that matched my skill set. I am an artist at heart but also love development work.
Name: Simple Simon Consulting
Personality Profile DiSC: High C (Certainty/Conscientiousness), Secondary S (Steadiness/Stability)
Personality Profile Myers-Briggs: INTP: Introvert-iNtuitive-Thinker-Perceiver
Phone: +1970-778-2554
Hobbies: Guitar, Art, Mountain Biking, Hiking
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Colorado Institute of Art
Denver, CO
Graphic Design
Mesa State College
Grand Junction, CO
Art, Graphic Design


1998 - Today
Website Development
2017 - Today
SMS, Phone & IVR Twilio Developer
1998 - Today
Graphic Design & Illustration


  • Wordpress/Divi
  • Twilio SMS/Voice/IVR
  • HTML5
  • Php
  • JavaScript

Latest Works.

Web Development: Over the last decade, I have updating my skills to the latest relevant technology. I have a background in building websites, coding, illustration and graphic design, primarily in WordPress and the Divi theme but I also have HTML/CSS3/JavaScript skills so can build any type of website which is why I am drawn to building Amazon S3 serverless websites. You can build full websites in an S3 bucket with the pay-as-you-go model instead of paying monthly for a WordPress hosting solution. So if you have a site with light traffic or just starting out and want something that costs pennies a month, this is a great solution. This is the first site that I built with these tools so will know the costs as the site grows. S3 buckets are serverless meaning that it can only handle HTML/CSS3/JavaScript and not WordPress or databases. There are major benefits to this platform if a site is more static which most are in my experience.

Twilio/AWS: a few years ago I began to see how relevant and powerful Twilio was for sending SMS notifications, IVR (phone routing), Voice and Chat. I built an SMS platform for a large electrical company in the Bahamas for billing notifications. I have added new features and built my source code out to handle WhatsApp and into other marketing needs. I have also recently built an SMS system for a local gym that connects Autopilot which is a bot that acts and feels like a real person answering questions. I am finding that this tool or AWS Lex can handle many things that a low level sales person may handle which for a small business not having the money to hire extra people, a bot could save thousands of dollars in salaries by having a bot handle many of the common questions that are asked. The end product could be a web chat, SMS message or even Facebook Messenger.

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Most Relevant Skills.

Three most valuable and useful tools.
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